We Deliver A Great Value Perfectly Designed To Meet Your Needs

Creating a benefits program for hourly employees comes with unique challenges: geographically dispersed locations, high turnover, and employees with inconsistent hours or wages. Let us help you navigate these complexities and build a program that works for you and your team.

Research indicates that ongoing wage growth and challenges in filling open positions have created fierce competition for hourly workers. Stand out in the market with Nationwide’s Limited Medical Benefit partnership with The American Worker. Our benefit programs are designed to be cost-effective, comprehensive, and easy to manage, helping you attract and retain top talent effortlessly. The American Worker is here to bridge the gaps for you.

Discover a truly personalized and customizable program with The American Worker. Benefit from our flexible enrollment platform, streamlined administration processes, and exceptional service for both employers and employees.

For more than 30 years, The American Worker has specialized in providing insurance for hourly employee groups. From our headquarters in Austin, Texas, we provide a turnkey solution for employers across the country, serving more than 250,000 members. We offer best-in-class benefits from national carrier partners, combined with unmatched communication and enrollment services. Our billing and premium payment options take the place of enrollment and billing companies. Let us come up with a customized program that will meet the needs of your company and your employees.

Are you a restaurant, staffing company, nursing facility, or any business with hourly and part-time employees? Elevate your competitive edge in today’s tight labor market with The American Worker. Reach out to us and let’s discuss how our tailored benefit programs can help you attract and retain top talent. Contact us today to start the conversation! 


We create highly personalized options and combination packages, all supported by our versatile enrollment methods- whether it’s through our call center, on-site or online. These tailored options can be paired with our streamlined billing, outstanding customer service and efficient claim processing to ensure a seamless experience.


MEC Plans allow employers to offer qualifying coverage to their employees on a self-funded basis, satisfying the individual mandate.


Minimum Values Plans (MVP) meet requirements while costing substantially less than traditional medical plans. 


Fixed indemnity plans are a great way to offer extra coverage that pays each time employees visit a doctor or go to the hospital.


A full spectrum of ancillary
benefits are available including dental, vision, disability
and more. 


We’re guided by experience. For more than 20 years, The American Worker has created a variety of services that ensure our health care programs operate effectively and efficiently. Today, we employ technology and proven proprietary systems to creatively deliver benefits with minimal burden to our client and their employees.


We have designed solutions and services for secure and cost-effective ways to facilitate the claims administration process.


Be confident that your benefits are On track. With our payroll and billing administration are crucial to the success of a benefit program.


Our secure online portal and friendly call center makes things easy on your administrative staff and your employees.


Our enrollment communication strategy break down the advantages of the program and mitigates common concerns.


Companies and their producers want to do the right thing for their hourly workers, providing them with quality medical and supplemental health benefits. At the same time, you have to ensure you’re complying with government mandates – and all without wrecking your budget. The America Worker empowers you with tools and products that allow you to take care of both workers and your business.