The American Worker Solutions

Explore The Power Of Customized Options And Strong Partnerships

The American Worker is a robust platform that provides MEC, fixed indemnity, dental, vision, life, critical illness, disability and more. While we have gained a national reputation for excellence in providing limited benefit medical plans through our multiple carrier portfolios, we are particularly focused on the future in providing innovative alternative plans. In a challenging economy, these alternative plans are vital to the retention of health insurance coverage.

We can create highly customized options and combination packages. These are fully supported by our range of enrollment options, which can include call center, onsite and Internet-based. These customized options and combination packages can be coupled with consolidated billing, customer service and claim processing.

Being just a group major medical spreadsheet facility is not effective or sustainable for the future. Rather, we believe that the future holds large potential for benefit partnerships between the employer and employee. The employer will be providing protection for catastrophic major medical expenses, coupled with a package of flexible but highly affordable benefit plans. Furthermore, the employee will have the individual choice to supplement the coverage provided by the employer.