The American Worker Services

We Make Administration Easy, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Access to affordable health care products is essential, but even more critical is the ease with which the programs can be enrolled and administered. An excellent product that is not properly enrolled or administered will ultimately fail to satisfy employers and employees.

We have built our company and benefits administration system around serving hourly employees. Many of the things we do will not be found in traditional out-of-the-box benefits administration systems. When we are through customizing the file feed process for our clients, we have implemented a process that will work throughout the plan year. All of our clients are backed by in-house account managers to provide the necessary service.

We’re guided by experience. For more than 20 years, The American Worker has created a variety of services that ensure our health care programs operate effectively and efficiently. Today, we employ technology and proven proprietary systems to creatively deliver benefits with minimal burden to our client and their employees.