The American Worker Services

Premium Administration

Be Confident That Your Benefits Are On Track

Payroll and billing administration are crucial to the success of a benefit program.

Our services include:

Payroll Cycle & Missed Premium Administration

  • Allows employers to self-report on payroll frequency basis.
  • We eliminate problems like collecting in advance of coverage or issuing refunds for partials.
  • We customize each situation to address client needs.
  • Employees can view eligibility and pay a missed premium via web with credit/debit card at no additional cost.
  • Monthly billing and self-reporting are also available.

Automated Payroll Deduction Processing

  • The proliferation of technology in the workplace created a perfect opportunity to simplify benefit plan administration. We developed an electronic platform to manage eligibility, payroll deductions and billing according to our client’s payroll schedule.
  • The platform allows administration of our benefit programs to occur on a weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly basis. By operating the plans in this manner we are able to eliminate the hassles typically associated with monthly bill reconciliation and manual deduction processing.

Smart Billing

  • One payroll slot.
  • Multiple products and multiple carrier capacity.
  • Consolidating multiple products on one easy to reconcile bill allows clients to offer a variety of benefit plans without additional administrative burden.
  • This single bill reflects the premium due for all employee benefits and manages eligibility for each program elected. Offering multiple products through a consolidated bill enables clients to construct a benefit package to meet their employees’ needs.