Attracting and Keeping Your Best: How Employee Benefit Plans Help Nursing Homes Thrive

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, nursing homes face a constant struggle: recruiting and retaining qualified and caring staff. With high burnout rates and a growing elderly population, finding the right caregivers is crucial. That’s where offering enticing and affordable benefits packages can be impactful for your long-term care facility.

Why Hourly Workers Need Strong Benefits

Hourly workers are the backbone of many nursing homes, and they’re often supporting families. Many hourly workers lack access to affordable healthcare and ancillary benefits for themselves and their dependents. This can lead to:

  • Delayed care: Skipping preventative care due to cost can lead to more serious and unexpected health issues down the road. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  • Reduced productivity: When unexpected health issues arise, this often leads to missed work and less focus when present. Workers do their best when they feel their best.
  • Financial hardship: Surprise medical bills can be devastating to anyone. Individuals experiencing financial hardship may seek additional employment to afford their financial obligations.

Beyond Health: The Power of Specialty Benefits

Specialty benefits add significant value to your compensation package by demonstrating your commitment to employee wellness and satisfaction.

  • Vision and dental insurance: A sharp eye is a vital skill for your nursing staff, making vision coverage an obvious choice, but did you know that gum disease is strongly connected to cardiovascular disease? Dental coverage may often be overlooked, but it is an extremely beneficial option that employees value.
  • Short-term disability, critical illness, and gap insurance: No matter how diligent your employees may be with preventative treatments and striving to live a healthy lifestyle, accidents and unexpected medical needs may still arise. Offering these specialty benefits demonstrates to your employees that life’s twists and turns can be more easily navigated with you as their employer.
  • Life insurance and additional specialty benefits: It’s important to zoom out and view your total benefits package as a comprehensive investment into not only your employees’ well-being and future, but your company’s as well.

The Competitive Advantage

By offering more than just a health plan, your care facility gains a significant edge in the hiring battle. You not only attract a wider pool of qualified candidates, but you become the employer of choice for those seeking valuable comprehensive benefits. This translates to:

  • Reduced turnover: Satisfied employees are less likely to leave for jobs with better benefits packages, or seek supplemental income that could potentially interfere with their primary employment.
  • Lower recruitment costs: Filling open positions is expensive. Strong benefits help you retain your existing staff and minimize recruitment efforts.
  • Improved reputation: A commitment to employee well-being enhances your reputation as a caring and responsible employer and nursing facility.

Partnering with a Trusted Third-Party Administrator

As a third-party administrator specializing in health and specialty benefits plans for hourly workers, The American Worker can help you design a cost-effective and attractive benefits package. They handle the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care.

Investing in your employees’ well-being is an investment in your nursing home’s success. Contact The American Worker today to learn how they can help you build a winning team with a competitive benefits package without a high cost.

For more than 30 years, The American Worker, provided by Fringe Benefit Group, has specialized in providing benefits plans for hourly employee groups. They provide a turnkey solution for employers across the country. | 1-800-551-3424 |

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